Jeff City Martial Arts


Welcome to Jeff City Martial Arts' page.

Jeff City Martial Arts is the group of martial arts students that meet at the YMCA in Jefferson City, Missouri, along with their family and friends.  We enjoy fellowship with all martial artists in the Jefferson City and surrounding region.  Our lead instructor is Brad Spraggs, 6th degree black belt.  The belt colors in our style are: White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown (3rd degree brown), Brown/Black (2nd degree brown), Red (1st degree brown), Black (there are 9 degrees of Black, starting at first degree and going up from there).  If you are interested in learning Tae Kwon Do, come out and join us for a free trial class at the Jefferson City YMCA.


Student Resources:
   Jeff City Martial Arts FaceBook Page
   Jeff City Martial Arts You Tube Page

   Student Manual
   Bo Ich (Bo Kata)

Local Tournaments:
   3/4/2017 Capitol City Open Karate Tournament (JC YMCA)
   3/19/2016 Southern Illinois Karate Championship (Don Carico)
   4/23/2016 The American Karate Classic (Rich Norton)
   5/1/2016 CMMA Open Karate Clasic (Steve Hanger)
   5/14/2016 Silver Sun Showdown (Terry Creamer)
   6/11/2016 Shorin Ryu Pro Am (Mike Norvell)
   7/30/2016 Show Me State Games (Stacey Huffman)
   9/24/2016 Columbia Cup (Ray Walker)

   Midwest Sport Karate News
   Karate Tournament Central

Martial arts instructors and area friends:
  American Karate - Rich Norton (Wentzville)  On Facebook
  All Star Karate - Terry Creamer (St. Peters)  On Facebook
  Okinawan Karate-Do Academy - Michael Norvell (St. Louis)  On Facebook
  Columbia Shorin-ryu - Ray Walker (Columbia)
  AMA Dojo - Stacey Huffman (Jefferson City)  On Facebook
  Camdenton Black Belt Academy - Tom Leigh (Camdenton)

Other martial arts sites with interesting information:

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1st Degree Brown Belt
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1st Degree Black Belt
3rd Degree Brown

2nd Degree Brown (Brown/ Black)

1st Degree Brown (Red)
1st Degree Black